Q: What is the best way to print an OFP Cage?

A: Flat on it’s back, with support under the wheel wells and the motor slots facing up. This ensures that dimensionally sensitive areas like the screw boss faces and motor mounting face come out at the top of the print with a good finish. 40% infill is recommended.


Q: Where can I buy an OFP cage?

A: See the Distributors page


Q: Isn’t metal way better than printing? These cages look flimsy.

A: Not really. It’s quieter, but I have never had a cage break on me, even the ones printed quickly at 15% infill. If you are a metalhead, I recommend my Riot cage or the Eclipse cage available at most retailers late December.


Q: Do I need to worry about melting my cage?

A: Not under normal circumstances. My RS still has the very first OFP cage in it, and hasn’t had any issues. It’s been heavily used in temps from 30 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If you nerf in particularly hot weather of have some ridiculous motor setup or stall your motors a lot, consider printing in PETG, or purchasing a PETG cage.


Q: I want to shoot FVJs! What cage lets me do that?

A: A 43mm cage will shoot FVJ and Voberry very nicely. Meishel 2.0s at minimum, Fangs recommended.


Q: I want a sleeper. What’s the best setup for 130s?

A: In terms of FPS, for 2S, Meishel 2.0s and a 43mm cage. For 3s, use Neo-Rhinos. If you’re using a smaller diameter wheel, like worker, you can probably go to 42.5mm.


Q: Which cages are Riot compatible? What does this mean?

A: Riot wheels were designed by me to go with the aluminum cage I designed for Hooligan. They feature deep concavity, but as a result have a larger edge diameter which requires more clearance in the cage. As of August, all OFP cages except Jyn Erso and Modulus-Demolisher have these wider clearances.


Q: I am interested in selling OFP cages. How do I do that?

A: Excellent! Message my Facebook page, and I’ll send you a contract. OFP takes 10% of the sale price on each cage.



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